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Sometimes kids deserve to be rewarded, and with the all-new Rewards feature, parents can do just that. Bump up the Daily Time Limit, give a late BedTime, or disable an OffTime, just for the day.

Send Rewards at the touch of a button

Homework done early, rubbish taken out, send a reward to your kid at the press of a button. They’ll get a nifty notification letting them know what they got!

Track time across devices with Circle

Reward your kids with more screen time.

Now you can upgrade the daily time limit or any other time limit just for the day with Rewards.

Circle — Popular apps and platforms

Reward your kids with a late BedTime.

Your kid having one of those once in a blue moon X-Box extravaganzas with their friends? Give ’em a late BedTime with Rewards.

Circle — Set time limits for categories

Reward your kids by disabling OffTime.

Not every day is created equal, and sometimes that OffTime you scheduled has gotta go just this once, no prob. :)

Circle — Keep up with notifications

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