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Meet MyCircle, a personalised dashboard for each member of your family. With MyCircle, you also have access to Disney videos, blogs, GIFs, emojis, music, games, characters and lots more! Get the new MyCircle app today.

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Your very own dashboard.

Each family member has their own Circle settings, so they should have their own dashboard too! Their personal dashboard includes an overview of where they’ve spent time online today, a countdown for their BedTime, and what their Time Limits are.

MyCircle Dashboard

Lots of different content for every age!

Circle offers a wide range of Disney entertainment through MyCircle, with links, articles, photos, emojis, videos and more. And even better, the content you experience is curated by real people.

MyCircle Card Types MyCircle Card Types


Keep up with the coolest videos. MyCircle delivers fun video clips, trailers for upcoming movies and even some of your favourite Disney moments from the past.

MyCircle Videos MyCircle Videos


Oh My Disney, Disney Insider, Disney Style, and more! The list is endless. Get great articles in real time sent directly to you from Disney’s best blogs.

MyCircle Blog


Get your game on, all within MyCircle. With dozens of games to play in your feed, MyCircle scores big with tons of options for you and your family.

MyCircle Games


Keep up with what’s happening on MyCircle’s social feed. You’ll get cool topics, events, images, and conversations right on your MyCircle page.

MyCircle Social


Receive notifications when you're on the go with the MyCircle app... like when you've reached a time limit or your device has been Paused.

MyCircle BedTime


MyCircle makes it clear when the day’s fun has ended and it’s time to turn out the lights with a BedTime reminder.

MyCircle BedTime


When one of your kids is filtered, they will be redirected to their MyCircle page with a reminder letting them know.

MyCircle Filter


MyCircle gives a heads up when someone is paused so they can go from screen time to anything else time :)

MyCircle Pause

Time Limits

MyCircle even lets you know when you’ve reached a time limit. Whether social media time is up, or they’ve reached their limit for Netflix, they’ll be redirected to MyCircle.

MyCircle Time Limits

Endless Scroll

Just when you thought there couldn’t be any more, MyCircle let’s you keep on scrolling to discover more and more!

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Discover cool content, check out your dashboard, and keep up with notifications with the MyCircle app.

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